CyberProof is a security services company, whose mission is to manage cyber risk for enterprise organizations by providing pioneering next generation services and technologies that adapt to the evolving threat landscape with cost effective prediction and detection,
and accelerated response and recovery.

We provide pioneering services, technologies and elite cyber skills that adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

The Problem with Traditional MSSPs
  • Inflexible

    Services focus on firefighting and are reactive

  • Limited Capabilities

    They help detect incidents, but lack timely remediation

  • Cost Escalations

    EPS pricing does not scale and inhibits innovation.

  • Limited Communication

    Solutions are hardwired and create friction when they integrate the customer’s operations

We Take a Different Approach

Reduced critical vulnerabilities and breach dwell time
A risk-based outcome model that is aligned with your budget
You are 12 weeks to safety

CyberProof has solved this problem using a fresh approach. Central to the security automation and orchestration platform is SeeMo – the AI/ML powered chatbot that manages orchestration, collaboration and machine learning, and provides a natural language interface. SeeMo augments security team tasks, create smart insights by correlating and enriching log alerts and turning them into contextual Smart Alerts. This means that detection and remediation happen at blazing speed (from weeks to hours).

In the face of an increasingly hostile threat environment, the CyberProof Defense Center integrates all the key elements – people, process, technology and AI/ML. The CyberProof Defense Center is fully managed by a team of nation-state experts located in a hub in Israel with spokes in North America, APAC, Europe.

CyberProof Defense Center

CyberProof Services

Advanced MSSP

CyberProof Defense Center provides a full life cycle process for security operations (SOC) to reduce breach dwell time. It covers monitoring, detection, vulnerability intelligence, event correlation, noise filtering, incident response, forensics, and continuous learning and tuning.

Consulting Services

CyberProof brings together the breadth and depth of security consulting and services experience that is un-matched in the industry. The cyber services team includes senior ex-cyber analysts from the Israeli Intelligence community, and professionals in building and operating cyber security operations.

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