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Tailored Threat Intelligence

Anticipate Threats Targeting Your Business

Proactively identify threats and exposures in the wild – before they have the chance to impact your business.



Tailored Threat Intelligence

Being proactive against cyber threats is every organization’s wish. But being truly proactive means having an efficient process in place for collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating threat intelligence – in a way that doesn’t overwhelm security teams with false positives.

CyberProof’s tailored threat intelligence service combines our 24/7 virtual analyst, SeeMo, with the speed of automation and our expert human CTI analysts to notify you of significant, targeted threats and exposures across the dark web so you can take immediate action to stay protected.

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With CyberProof’s tailored threat intelligence, you get →

Fast identification and notification of emerging threats and exposures

By combining threat actor and asset-based intelligence across clear, deep and dark web sources, our global cyber threat analysts use smart automation and human-led reconnaissance to continuously discover and alert you of imminent threats.

This involves collecting, analyzing, validating, and disseminating live threat research in a continuous process to identify threats such as sensitive data leakage, brand impersonations, malicious mobile applications, fraudulent activities, and exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Prioritization and validation of threats by expert analysts

As part of our threat intelligence services, we conduct regular threat profiling workshops with you for a deeper understanding of your business. This key data will enable us to prioritize our threat intelligence research in line with your changing attack surface.

All threat information is analyzed and validated by our CTI analysts before being escalated to your team via our CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) platform as CTI alerts – so that your teams don’t get overwhelmed with false positives.

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Truly actionable threat intelligence

Our CDC platform provides a single view of enriched threat intelligence alerts for your security team. All alerts come with both contextual and immediately actionable information including a detailed description of the threat, MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques, the threat actor, their malware tools, and the threat type. CTI alerts also provide you with strategic and technical mitigation advice for your teams, including patching recommendations and operational information such as IOCs and YARA rules.

The CDC platform can also be used to collaborate with our analysts, view pre-defined or customized CTI reports, and to gain a deeper understanding of the context of alerts and incidents being investigated by our SOC.

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Relieve the pressure on your team while maintaining control 

Re-focus your internal teams on higher impact activities, with the peace of mind that our expert team is carrying out your day-to-day monitoring and triage of security alerts while proactively hunting and responding to validated threats.

Our CDC platform provides complete transparency into all activities being carried out by our analysts. This includes clear KPI reporting and threat coverage of all alerts and incidents, as well as a ChatOps channel that lets you communicate with our team in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide a threat intelligence platform as part of your services?

Our CDC platform acts as a transparent, single source of truth for all your cybersecurity activities – including threat intelligence, which we can integrate with your existing threat intelligence platform if you have one. Otherwise, we can deploy and manage a fully tailored solution for you by drawing on our technology partnerships with leading threat intelligence providers.

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