Safeguarding critical operations, sensitive data and intellectual property

As manufacturers move over to the advanced technologies and interconnected systems that run 24/7, the industry becomes a prime target for cyber threats. In addition to ransomware and supply chain attacks, enterprises are faced with vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICS) and intellectual property (IP) theft. Operational downtime resulting from such attacks can cripple manufacturing processes, disrupt supply chains, and lead to significant financial loss.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner in Cloud Security
Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association MXDR
Cyber Defense Magazine Winner in 2023
Cybertech 100 in 2023
Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2022
2021 cybersecurity breakthrough awards

Ensuring continuity of operations

By embracing cybersecurity as an integral part of operations, you can fortify defenses and mitigate the ever-evolving threats in today’s interconnected world. From preventing IP theft to handling supply chain vulnerabilities, CyberProof’s team can support you in anticipating, adapting, and responding to the cyber threats targeting manufacturers with our advanced Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services. Working together with your team in real time, we can help you improve your organization’s security posture to address the growing risk.

Reducing the cybersecurity risks for manufacturers

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Cloud-native & hybrid deployment

with deployments providing greater operational efficiency, cloud-native tools, and automations accelerating detection and response

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Reduced time to respond

orchestration and automation capabilities that provide faster time to response and increased threat landscape visibility

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Single view of operations

supporting multi-team SecOps collaboration, with real-time alerts and recommendations for IT and security incidents

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Fewer false positives

data and logs are collected from multiple sources, enriching alerts by providing additional context, while reducing errors and time to detect

Leveraging automation to mitigate risk

In an era in which enterprises must maintain multi-cloud environments, automation serves as a critical component – reducing risk while improving efficiency and scalability. Our eBook on “How to leverage automation to mitigate risk” explores the essential components of secure cloud transformation, and how automation can support an efficient and scalable move to the cloud.

Best practices in handling real threat scenarios

SOC L1 and L2, DFIR, Threat Intel, and Threat Hunting teams collaborate to mitigate threats faster and more effectively. Our Cyber Defenders Playbook reviews “lessons learned” by CyberProof’s team to help you improve your detection & response processes.

Improving resilience by leveraging MITRE

MITRE’s Attacker Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework is a powerful tool for improving cyber defense. MITRE creates a categorized list of all known attack methods, and connects each attack method with mitigations and detection methods for preventing or identifying attacker techniques.

Case Study: Logistics

A multinational transportation company approached CyberProof for assistance with security operations. The company has offices at multiple locations around the globe. The client’s existing service operations relied almost exclusively on manual tasks and processes to perform monitoring and response security operations.

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