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Optimize tech and reduce costs with cloud-native solutions

Cybersecurity technology is evolving at an accelerating rate. And as companies move to cloud-native approaches, security professionals are facing multiple, pressing questions:

  • How can you be sure your portfolio of security solutions is making your company safer?
  • What can you do to unlock the opportunities that the cloud, data science, and automation make possible?
  • What technology is obsolete or unnecessary?

But jumping at the latest technology won’t automatically solve your security challenges. Without an underlying strategy for innovating, organizations end up with tangled webs of point solutions generating too much noise – requiring special skills and driving up costs for security teams.

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10x improvement in SecOps

Generative AI is being applied to security operations in ways that will revolutionize the field of cybersecurity. With its ability to create new content that is barely distinguishable from human created human-created content, GenAI opens up new possibilities that are having a radical impact on every aspect of security operations – people, processes, and technologies.

GenAI’s ability to process, analyze, and learn from vast amounts of security data is quickly changing how security operations teams implement detection and response, with applications that range from AI-powered threat hunting to dynamic incident response and security platform integration.

AI-generated attacks on the rise

Based on research conducted by our Threat Hunting team, CyberProof’s latest threat hunting report takes a deep dive into the top ten threats that may pose a risk to your organization. The report utilizes MITRE ATT&CK tactic frameworks to categorize each threat, providing threat descriptions and actionable hunting recommendations to build proactive cyber defenses.

AI-driven malware is taking a seat at the table

In today’s fast-paced world, attackers are actively leveraging emerging technologies to outsmart defense teams and identify new points of vulnerability. That’s why it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has become a significant player in the ever-evolving threat landscape. BlackMamba – an AI-related Proof of Concept (PoC) created by a security team to explore and illustrate the potential impact of generative AI – shows just how devastating things can get once attackers begin to incorporate AI into their methodologies.

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Reducing the cost of large-scale data ingestion

CyberProof sets up experiments that make use of events and alert data flows, normalizing data sets to leverage cloud-native data science tools for algorithm development.

The goal of this approach is to reduce data ingestion costs while supporting multiple, federated business units within a centralized platform.

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Reducing your data storage costs

We partnered with one of our enterprise clients to create an innovative data routing system. The solution ensures that only events relevant to detection rules are stored in high-cost cloud storage.

All other events are routed to a low-cost data lake, where they continue to be accessible for investigate querying. This dramatically cuts data storage costs by up to 90%.

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Supporting global enterprises as they migrate to the cloud

CyberProof, a UST company, is an advanced Managed Detection & Response provider, enabling global enterprises to stay protected as they transition to the cloud and beyond.
Using an innovative combination of virtual analysts, expert human analysts, and automations in a co-sourced engagement model, CyberProof enables you to anticipate, adapt, and respond to cyber threats with full transparency in an increasingly connected world. Our mission is to allow you to exceed your business goals without the fear of cyber-attacks.



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