CyberProof Cares

Training the next wave of cybersecurity experts

We are proud to support a wide range of students and communities through training and internships so they can acquire the skills to forge successful careers in cybersecurity.

The Tomer Weinstein internship program

Training & placing Ethiopian Israelis in the tech sector

The Tomer Weinstein Internship Program, in partnership with Tech-Career, helps create socio-economic mobility for Ethiopian Israelis through hands-on professional training, development, and mentorship, as well as assisting with their placement at tech companies.

Named after our dear friend and former Head of Projects, Tomer Weinstein – who tragically passed away in a car accident – the internship program continues his legacy, by giving mentees the opportunity to spend a year learning the tools and skills necessary to obtain a permanent position at CyberProof as a SOC Analyst, Threat Hunter, or any other position.

We have already hired a graduate of the internship program, and we look forward to expanding this special program in the coming years.

Partnership with Aharai-Tech

Cyber training for students from the periphery

Aharai-Tech (literally meaning, “Follow Me – Tech”) is an educational nonprofit organization that helps open up the doors to tech careers for high school students from Israel’s periphery.

Aharai-Tech’s 3-year study program runs in communities that have little to no access to resources and tools for studying cyber security and programming. Through our partnership, CyberProof’s experts volunteered their time to mentor and work closely with 44 program participants in small groups as they built projects, which they presented in a special hackathon.

In addition to our team’s direct involvement in training the participants, our parent company UST contributed towards the cost of the classes, computers, and teachers as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Step IT Up with Amit4Life

Job creation program

A sister program to Step IT Up America, which is run by UST, we recently launched a new job creation program called Step IT Up Israel in partnership with Amit4Life – a community initiative that trains disadvantaged Israelis to help them enter the Israeli tech sector.

Amit4Life handpicks talented women and men who are recent immigrants, or who lack traditional support systems, and assists us in identifying candidates for entry-level positions at CyberProof. Each Amit4Life candidate goes through a careful screening process and is then trained over the course of 2 months by CyberProof volunteers and senior mentors from top Israeli tech companies. Once their training is complete, the participants then join CyberProof as full-time employees.

We are proud to be giving these bright, young people a gateway to successful careers in cybersecurity and tech.