CyberProof Cares

CyberProof is making an impact! We are engaged with the broader community and get involved in training the next generation of cyber talent.
Our team is proud to be a part of these wonderful projects. Here are some of the ways we strive to make a difference:

The Tomer Weinstein Internship Program

places Israelis in the tech sector.

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Aharai-Tech Partnership

offers cyber training for youth from Israel’s periphery.

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Step IT Up Israel

CyberProof’s job creation program, in partnership with Amit4Life.

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Tomer Weinstein Internship Program

Training & Placing Ethiopian Israelis in the Tech Sector

The Tomer Weinstein Internship Program, in partnership with Tech-Career, works to create socio-economic mobility for Ethiopian Israelis through professional training and placement in the technology sector.
The Tomer Weinstein Internship Program was initiated as a way of memorializing our dear friend and colleague Tomer Weinstein, who worked at CyberProof as Head of Projects in 2018 and 2019. On December 16, 2019, Tomer was tragically killed, while he was out cycling with a friend, by a speeding car that lost control.

Tomer strived for excellence. His personal values and the path he took reflect the spirit and corporate values at CyberProof – particularly, his interest in hiring resourceful and visionary people and moving them forward, by investing in their personal and professional success. In memory of Tomer, we chose to continue his legacy by creating new opportunities for the next generation of cyber security professionals through training, development, and mentorship.

In collaboration with Tomer’s wife, Adi, we initiated the Tomer Weinstein Internship Program to provide opportunities for recent graduates from the Ethiopian Israeli community to gain hands-on experience in cyber security and technology.
As part of the program, each mentee is given the opportunity to spend a year learning the tools and skills necessary to obtain a permanent position at CyberProof – be it as a SOC Analyst, Threat Hunter, or in any other open position in the company.

We’ve already had our first opportunity to hire a graduate of the program, and we are delighted that this new employee is now a valued member of our team.
We look forward to expanding this special program in the coming years.

CyberProof Partnership with Aharai-Tech

Offering Cyber Training for Youth from Israel’s Periphery

CyberProof’s cyber security experts will be mentoring high school students from cities in Israel’s periphery and the company will participate in funding their after-school studies, through a partnership with Aharai-Tech.

CyberProof’s cyber security experts are volunteering their time, mentoring 44 youngsters from the Israeli cities of Tirat Hacarmel (in Israel’s North) and Dimona (in Israel’s South). Our work is facilitated in partnership with the educational non-profit Aharai-Tech (literally meaning, “Follow Me – Tech”), which provides training in cyber security for high school youth from Israel’s periphery – opening the door to a career in tech.

In addition to the team’s direct involvement in training the program participants, CyberProof’s parent company UST will be contributing toward the cost of the classes, computers, and teachers via the UST Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Aharai-Tech’s three-year study program is run in communities where teenagers often do not to have access to the resources and tools necessary to study cyber security and programming. CyberProof’s team will be working closely with the program participants, making them more aware of the tech industry in general and of cyber security, in particular. In their initial joint project, the youth worked together with their mentors at CyberProof in small groups – getting expert input in how to build their end-of-year projects, which they later presented in a special hackathon.

Encouraging high-school students to engage with the tech industry has a great long-term social benefit. At CyberProof, we are looking forward to getting to know the talented youngsters of Dimona and Tirat Carmel and to watching them become the next generation of cyber talent, as they take their first steps in the industry.

Step IT Up Israel

CyberProof’s Job Creation Program – Increasing Diversity

CyberProof launched a new job creation program called Step IT Up Israel – a sister program to Step IT Up America, which is run by our parent company UST. Step IT Up Israel is working in partnership with Amit4Life, a community initiative that trains young army veterans in Israel – helping them penetrate the Israeli tech scene.

Amit4Life handpicks talented women and men who are recent immigrants to Israel or lack a traditional support system, and assists us in identifying candidates for entry-level positions at CyberProof. Each Amit4Life candidate goes through a careful screening process and is interviewed by the senior management team at CyberProof.

Training for the program participants is provided through Amit4Life on a completely volunteer basis. CyberProof and local mentors, who hold senior positions at top companies in Israel, provide a two-month-long training program that is tailor-made to fit the requirements for specific positions at CyberProof. Once the training is completed, participants start working as full-time, permanent members of CyberProof’s team.

This is an important initiative designed to open opportunities and increase diversity by giving bright, young people a gateway into the tech world. We are thrilled to welcome Amit4Life program participants to CyberProof and wish them the best of luck as they take their first steps in cyber!