Extract crucial intelligence from Big Data

Collect key security intelligence from enormous data caches while controlling your ingestion, processing, and storage costs.

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The cloud brings new opportunities – and new data challenges

As organizations migrate to the cloud, they suddenly find themselves swamped with monumental amounts of data collected from an ever-increasing number of new data sources. But while a good chunk of the data is useful, most of it isn’t.

Leaving organizations to handle the challenges of:

  • Collecting, monitoring, and analyzing all your security data while keeping log ingestion and data storage costs down.
  • Archiving the right data to meet multiple data compliance requirements including GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.
  • Trying to handle custom log sources that are not supported by your existing SIEM, EDR, or XDR platform.
  • Struggling with slower threat detection processes due to poor – or nonexistent – correlation and filtering.
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Use cloud-native log collection and storage instead

Cloud-native technology and processes can bring your data costs down and threat detection speed up to meet increased data demands, as they enable you to:


Simultaneously parse and filter data from multiple cloud and on-prem sources.

Organizing your data while it’s being collected is more efficient for large, complex organizations, as your detection systems don’t get clogged with irrelevant data – instead, only crucial pieces of information and intel are passed on, which reduces the number of false positives and generates only use case-driven alerts for your analysts.


Route lower-value data into more cost-effective storage solutions.

With high-value data already routed to your detection systems, you can now route lower-value and compliance data into a more long-term storage solution such as a cloud data lake. This is incredibly cost-effective as it lets you scale your storage capacity quickly and simply in line with your changing ingestion needs.


Easily comb through lower-value data to find important intel.

For your long-term data storage, you should choose a cloud data lake solution that uses the same querying language as your detection systems. For example, Microsoft Sentinel cloud SIEM uses the same query language as the Azure Data Explorer (ADX) data lake solution. This way, you can focus on addressing high-fidelity alerts in your SIEM while continuously hunting across your data lake for related data, and generating detailed analytics reports at the same time.


Get the insights you need from Big Data without the spiraling costs

As part of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services at CyberProof, we can optimize your log collection using a combination of innovative IP and hands-on log management expertise.

So that your organization can:

Ingest any data source at speed with your detection systems.

Our CyberProof Log Collector (CLC) is purpose-built to collect all types of data from any source at scale using a container model.

It can take any log and handle the parsing, filtering, and aggregation of the data before it is ingested into your SIEM, EDR, or XDR solution, augmenting the pre-defined rules to provide you with automated – and dynamically updated – threat detection.

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Reduce your ongoing data ingestion and storage costs.

As part of our managed detection and response services, we parse, filter and tag security event data as it’s collected, routing higher value data into your detection systems while placing lower value data in searchable long-term cloud storage for compliance and hunting efforts.

This significantly reduces your data ingestion costs and speeds up your threat detection capabilities, while ensuring you still retain data as necessary to meet multiple regulatory requirements.

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Financial services enterprise saves millions in data ingestion costs

Learn how we helped one of the largest financial services organizations dramatically reduce the costs of log ingestion and storage as they migrated to cloud-native security operations.


Supporting global enterprises as they migrate to the cloud

CyberProof, a UST company, is an advanced Managed Detection & Response provider, enabling global enterprises to stay protected as they transition to the cloud and beyond.
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