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Vulnerability Management Services

The ever-changing nature of technology means that security vulnerabilities will appear, even with a robust vulnerability scanner in place. Taking measures to address these can consume all your department’s time and resources if the proper steps are not taken to mitigate the risks. The key is to understand the vulnerabilities, and to build a program that proactively reduces the risk to your business.  

CyberProof’s Vulnerability Management service is designed to identify, assess, and mitigate security vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks. These services involve regular scanning to discover potential weaknesses, followed by prioritization and remediation steps to minimize the risk. By proactively managing your vulnerabilities, businesses can enhance their security posture and protect themselves from potential cyber threats.  

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Analysis and Prioritization
  • Regulatory Requirements & Reporting
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The threat to enterprises

Modern organizations often have complex IT environments with a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems, different operating systems, and various software applications. Managing vulnerabilities across this diverse landscape can be complex and overwhelming. Moreover, staying up to date with the rapidly evolving threat landscape is a challenge. Organizations must adapt Vulnerability Management strategies to cover the ever-changing threat landscape, including emerging vulnerabilities and attack techniques. 

With the current economic downturn, you may also be limited by reduced budgets, inadequate tools or technologies, and an insufficient number of skilled personnel. Organizations may struggle to have a comprehensive view of all internal assets and systems – and they may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of false positives and false negatives, which waste valuable time and resources. These challenges make it difficult to deliver vulnerability management effectively and efficiently. 

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Our approach

At CyberProof, we take a risk-based approach to Vulnerability Management that ensures you are prioritizing appropriately and protecting your business by reducing your risk surface. 

Vulnerability management is more than just system and application patching. It is a complete process that includes compensating controls, segmentation, segregation, and heightened diligence in security monitoring. 

CyberProof prioritizes vulnerabilities based on real-world context. By taking into account factors such as each asset’s value to the business, the prevalence of specific attack types in the threat landscape, and the potential impact of exploitation, we help organizations efficiently address the most critical vulnerabilities. Context-aware prioritization is key to our proactively tackling cybersecurity threats head-on. 

CyberProof provides extensive reporting and audit trails to demonstrate compliance with various regulatory standards – and has a governance model that provides an enterprise-wide view of risks. 

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Case Study: Leading BFSI client

Initially the company had 20k+ vulnerabilities which we brought down significantly through patching.  Currently the scan is done monthly using Nessus® Professional for 700+ private cloud assets. Any observation in the vulnerability assessment will be actioned and mitigated based on the risk priority and the re-scanning is carried out to verify the vulnerability fixes


Case study: Leading US based supermarket chain

The organization had 340k+ vulnerabilities for 10k+ assets that includes Windows & Linux OS. After establishing risk-based vulnerability management processes conducted in near real-time, the backlog of scans, patching and remediation was eliminated. 

Understanding the value

  • An integrated service approach that fits in with existing IT operations processes offering an efficient and expedient method of dealing with vulnerabilities. 
  • Improved security posture by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk and impact provide resource optimization and cost savings.  
  • Efficient scheduling and prioritizing of patches and updates. 
  • Compliance adherence by aligning vulnerability management practices with relevant industry standards and regulations. 
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