Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management

Continuously scanning your environments for vulnerabilities is a must – which is why organizations invest heavily in tools that do it for them. But while these tools help identify vulnerabilities, they don’t prioritize how you should handle them in line with the actual risk to your business activities.

At CyberProof, we take a threat-centric approach to vulnerability management – by combining the internal scanning of your environment with external threat intelligence. Meaning that remediation of weaknesses are now prioritized based on their potential to be exploited and potential business impact.



With CyberProof’s vulnerability management, you get →

Prioritized vulnerabilities according to their potential impact

Our CTI analysts work with your SOC to ensure they have a deep understanding of your business, enabling them to prioritize vulnerabilities based on your actual attack surface.

The analysts then correlate vulnerability data – from CMDBs, patch management systems, endpoint controls, application, and web scanners – with external threat intelligence feeds from clear, deep, and dark web sources. This holistic view not only identifies vulnerabilities, but prioritizes them by their ease of exploitation by attackers.

Shorter remediation times for vulnerabilities

Organizations will often run point-in-time or periodic vulnerability scans once a month or once per quarter as their existing security teams are often short-skilled or short on time. But this leads to a significant time lapse between detecting vulnerabilities and fixing them – leaving them exposed to attackers.

At CyberProof, we use innovative automations to continuously uncover exposures and prioritize them based on their level of risk across your on-premise and cloud assets. We also provide the root cause of the exposure and actionable recommendations for remediation so you can mitigate risks quickly and effectively.

The full picture of your organization’s blind spots

Traditional scanning approaches focus on ‘known vulnerabilities’ such as CVEs. But this approach still leaves you with some blind spots as some of your organization’s assets are completely unscannable.

We combine our proven end-to-end threat management framework with leading threat intelligence technology to correlate threat data across a wider net of sources, including active scanners, security controls, cloud assets, network technologies, CMDBs, and endpoints. Combined with CVSS severity scoring, we take into consideration the exploitability, asset importance, and exposure rating of each vulnerability to provide you with the full overview of your total vulnerabilities and risk.

Relieve the pressure on your team while maintaining control 

Re-focus your internal teams on higher impact activities, with the peace of mind that our expert team is carrying out your day-to-day monitoring and triage of security alerts while proactively hunting and responding to validated threats.

Our CDC platform provides complete transparency into all activities being carried out by our analysts. This includes clear KPI reporting and threat coverage of all alerts and incidents, as well as a ChatOps channel that lets you communicate with our team in real time.


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Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by ‘threat-centric’ vulnerability management?

A threat-centric approach goes beyond the internal data gathered by traditional vulnerability scanners, and takes into account external threat intelligence to understand which exposures are being targeted by attackers in the wild. This helps prioritize your remediation and mitigation by the weaknesses that pose the greatest risk to your business, and not just their chronological order.

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