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Data Security Services

CyberProof’s robust Data Security Services are designed to protect critical data against unauthorized access, corruption, and cyber threats. Our services, including encryption, data masking, secure storage, backup and recovery, and security audits, ensure compliance with privacy regulations, reduce the risk of breaches, and strengthen your organization’s reputation. In an era of evolving threats, our dynamic and adaptable security strategies make us an integral partner for cybersecurity needs.   

  • Data Protection: This entails a comprehensive set of services, including encryption, obfuscation, and data minimization techniques to protect data at rest, in transit, and during usage. These measures render data unreadable to unauthorized users and minimize the potential exposure of sensitive information. 
  • Data Risk Assessment and Consulting: These services provide comprehensive evaluations and expert guidance to identify and mitigate potential data-related risks within organizations, paving the way for a robust data security posture. 
  • Data Discovery and Classification: Data discovery and classification services identify, categorize, and tag data based on its sensitivity and value across all storage platforms, creating a well-structured understanding of the data landscape. 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Access Control: These services involve the implementation of systems and strategies to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Role-based access control ensures that specific data is accessible only to authorized individuals. 
  • Data Integrity and Usage Monitoring: These services ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data throughout its lifecycle while monitoring its usage to identify and halt unauthorized data activities. 
  • Security Audits, Compliance, and Data Transmission Security: Regular audits and compliance checks ensure data security measures align with regulations. Data in transit is safeguarded through secure and encrypted communication channels. 
  • Data Archiving and Destruction: Safe, long-term storage solutions for inactive data allow for ready access and recovery when needed. Once data is no longer needed, secure deletion or destruction methods are applied. 
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The threat to enterprises

Organizations often grapple with the complexities of understanding their data landscape, complying with increasing and intricate data privacy regulations, protecting against evolving cyber threats, and mitigating the damage from potential data breaches. The growing threat of ransomware, risks of data loss or corruption, and the need for robust risk identification add further to these challenges. Additionally, the unauthorized access and misuse of data, as well as difficulties in effectively managing data throughout its lifecycle, contribute to the urgent need for comprehensive data security services. These services aim to address these pain points and provide robust security measures to safeguard valuable data assets at all stages of the data lifecyclefrom creation to secure destruction. 

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Our approach

CyberProof’s holistic approach provides comprehensive data security solutions spanning the entire data lifecycle. Backed by extensive expertise and experience in the field of data security, we utilize advanced technologies like AI and machine learning for enhanced protection and efficiency. 

CyberProof places a strong emphasis on ensuring regulatory compliance, aligning with the evolving legal landscape. We support enterprises in adopting a proactive approach to risk management – and identifying vulnerabilities before they turn into threats. The CyberProof team has the adaptability to deliver flexible, scalable solutions tailored to each organization’s specific needs. 

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Trusted by leading enterprises


Case Study: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solution

A global financial services organization needed to protect sensitive customer data while enabling secure cloud adoption. CyberProof worked together with their team to implement a robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution providing comprehensive visibility, control, and real-time data protection across cloud platforms. This provided them with comprehensive visibility, control, and real-time data protection across cloud platforms. The client was able to successfully prevent data breaches, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and securely embrace cloud technologies enhancing data security and customer trust. 


Case study: Information and Rights Management

A healthcare provider sought to secure patient records, enforce privacy policies, and streamline information sharing with external partners. CyberProof worked together with their team to deploy an Information and Rights Management solution, which enabled granular access controls, encryption, and document-level permissions. This provided them with data privacy, confidentiality, and secure collaboration. The client was able to achieve HIPAA compliance, reduce data breach risks, enhance regulatory compliance, and improve secure information sharing leading to better patient care and trust. 

Understanding the value

  • Business Resilience: Data storage, backup, and recovery services ensure business continuity, even in the face of data loss or corruption, adding to the overall resilience of the organization. 
  • Professional Risk Management: Through expert data risk assessment, vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed, facilitating the formulation of effective risk mitigation strategies. 
  • Improved Visibility and Compliance: By providing a clear understanding of the data landscape and aiding in adherence to data privacy regulations, the services increase data transparency and ensure regulatory compliance. 
  • Robust Defense Mechanism: The services enhance the security posture through protective measures such as DLP, intrusion detection, and prevention, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks. 
  • Efficient Data Lifecycle Management: By managing data from creation to secure destruction, these services streamline the data lifecycle, preventing unauthorized access and misuse and reducing inefficiencies. 
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