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Managed Detection & Response

Detect & respond to validated incidents quickly across your IT estate.

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Managed Detection & Response

Today’s security teams struggle to stay on top of the fast-growing number of alerts and incidents from increasingly sophisticated – and aggressive – attacks on their organizations.

With CyberProof’s advanced MDR services, we can support your security teams by helping you detect and respond to validated threats faster – without adding more complexity to your existing security infrastructure.

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With CyberProof’s MDR services,
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Faster detection and response through advanced automations

Our CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) platform includes SeeMo – our virtual analyst – who can automate up to 85% of your L1+L2 activities. From alert monitoring and enrichment to triage, investigation, and issue containment.

This unique combination of an always-on virtual analyst and expert human analysts ensures false positives and duplicate alerts are ruled out faster, and you’re able to respond faster to reduce the business impact of real attacks.

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One source of truth for all your threats & vulnerabilities

Through our highly advanced CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) platform, your security team and your internal stakeholders can see exactly what is happening, with full transparency, across your IT estate at any point in time.

The CDC platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security investments and aggregates and correlates limitless volumes of data – regardless of where it resides – presenting it to you as a single, yet complete view of all alerts and incident handling activities.

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Proactive handling of incidents across all your endpoints

As attackers advance with ever-increasing aggressive and sophisticated methods, CyberProof’s global response team ensures you are always protected around the clock.

Our human cybersecurity experts handle incidents and collect response activities for further analysis and reinforced learning. Resulting in continuous optimization of your cybersecurity efforts – and continuous reduction in your response time and your risk of exposure.

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Relieve the pressure on your team while maintaining control

Re-focus your internal teams on higher impact activities, with the peace of mind that our expert team is carrying out your day-to-day monitoring and triage of security alerts while proactively hunting and responding to validated threats.

Our CDC platform provides complete transparency into all activities being carried out by our analysts. This includes clear KPI reporting and threat coverage of all alerts and incidents, as well as a ChatOps channel that lets you communicate with our team in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Managed Detection & Response?

A Managed Detection & Response (MDR) partner supports your existing security teams and internal cybersecurity efforts with extended threat hunting, incident response, and incident management services across all your endpoints and your entire IT estate.

What are MDR services?

MDR services include, but are not limited to: 24/7 security monitoring using automations and human experts, threat intelligence and threat hunting, and incident analysis and response.

Why is MDR needed?

To put it simply, MDR services support you by augmenting and extending your internal security teams’ capabilities, giving you greater cybersecurity protection without hiring and training additional team members.

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