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The hire vs. outsource dilemma

The biggest struggle enterprises face as they migrate to the cloud is – without a doubt – managing their security vulnerabilities.

From compromised credentials to broken authentication, hacked interfaces, and hijacked accounts, attackers have a wealth of multiple new cracks to exploit and gain entry to networks.

The problem is most organizations don’t yet have the specialized security talent and skills they need to stay protected from these new threats. Meaning that security leaders are faced with two alternatives, either:

  • Hiring and training staff to bridge the current gaps in their skills and capabilities – which involves huge upfront investments in time and resources.
  • Or outsourcing to a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) – which means handing over control of all their cybersecurity monitoring to an outsider.
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Expand your team’s capabilities with a hybrid engagement model

Today, there is a third way. Organizations can adopt a hybrid model with an advanced Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider. A hybrid engagement model delivers you the best of both worlds by:


Giving you immediate access to highly advanced security skills and capabilities.

You can immediately get advanced Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services that fill in the gaps in your team’s capabilities. These “on call” experts bring hard-to-find skills such as detection & response, threat hunting, digital forensics, incident response, and more to your organization and further strengthen your cyber defenses.


Letting you maintain full control over all your cybersecurity operations.

Unlike legacy managed security providers, hybrid engagement models should give you full and continuous transparency into all your day-to-day security operations. This allows you, your team, and your internal stakeholders to see exactly what your outsourced team is doing – and to communicate freely with them as to what is happening at all times.


Establish a hybrid security operations center with CyberProof

At CyberProof, our hybrid engagement model enables you to solve multiple cybersecurity challenges, with flexible support – from day-to-day operations through to transparent guidance and governance. We can help you with:

Providing a dedicated team as an extension of your SOC

We extend your team’s capabilities by providing you with a dedicated squad who proactively detects and responds to validated incidents, which frees up your team to focus on higher impact activities.

Your dedicated cybersecurity squad will leverage the collective expertise of our SOC analysts, threat hunters, and threat intelligence analysts, and will support you in taking decisive action to remediate incidents.

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Complete transparency into all your security operations

Our CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) is a cloud-based platform that enables you to track all alerts, incidents, investigations, responses, and other activities in real time as they’re carried out by our analysts.

The platform features a built-in ChatOps area so your team can message our analysts in real time to help solve an issue or respond correctly to an incident. The platform’s reporting capabilities provide you with executive and operational live metrics on security operations performance and SLAs – covering everything from threat use case coverage and false positive percentage to time to acknowledge alert and mean time to respond.

Complete transparency into all security operations with CyberProof skills

Full accountability and governance over service delivery

CyberProof’s hybrid SOC model ensures accountability is shared and that your expectations are met across the entire life of your engagement.

Our shared steering committee supports continuous collaboration between your stakeholders and ours on technical, service delivery and executive levels – bringing key roles to ensure success including a dedicated customer success manager, service delivery manager, security architects, security analysts, and security engineers.

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Leading insurance provider integrates their SOC and NOC

Learn how we helped a leading insurance provider streamline their security and network monitoring.


Supporting global enterprises as they migrate to the cloud

CyberProof, a UST company, is an advanced Managed Detection & Response provider, enabling global enterprises to stay protected as they transition to the cloud and beyond.
Using an innovative combination of virtual analysts, expert human analysts, and automations in a co-sourced engagement model, CyberProof enables you to anticipate, adapt, and respond to cyber threats with full transparency in an increasingly connected world. Our mission is to allow you to exceed your business goals without the fear of cyber-attacks.



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Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association MXDR
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Microsoft Security Award Finalist
Cyber Defense Magazine Winner in 2023
Cybertech 100 in 2023
Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2022
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