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Security Platform Management

Designing, configuring, and managing advanced cyber defense solutions for you – from on-prem. to the cloud.



Security Platform Management

Even though security teams have a wealth of tools and platforms at their disposal, they often struggle to unlock the true value from their security technologies as they don’t always have the time, or the advanced expertise, to tune them to fit their objectives.

At CyberProof, we provide you with a fully managed service to design, configure, operate, and tune the key technologies your SOC needs to consistently perform their best – including SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, and threat intelligence solutions.

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With CyberProof’s platform management, you get →

Greater ROI from your existing technology investments

When you deploy a new security platform or tools for your SOC, maintaining them can take more time and energy than your team has to spare. This is because there are multiple, interdependent components in its infrastructure that require constant fine-tuning and updating.

At CyberProof, our platform management team consists of security engineers specializing in SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, threat intelligence, and beyond – ensuring you get the most out of your security investments by continuously maintaining and optimizing your platform and tools based on your unique profile and architecture.

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Sharper focus on higher impact cybersecurity activities

By offloading the management and optimization of your security platform to our expert team, your SOC can now invest their precious time in higher-impact and more highly strategic activities, such as responding to the threats that your new technologies have detected.

Our data engineers help improve the efficiency of your detection systems while reducing operational costs by optimizing the log collection process. By filtering, parsing, and tagging data as it’s collected, we ensure only high-value telemetry is being fed into your SIEM or EDR system while routing low value and compliance data into a cost-effective storage solution.

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Future-proof your cloud cybersecurity defenses

Having deployed and managed SOC infrastructure for multiple, complex enterprises, we have seen time and time again how legacy technologies – and even some new technologies – can create too much noise and drive up your licensing costs.

Our approach is driven by understanding your primary cyber risks and the use cases most relevant to your business. We then use this knowledge to prioritize your threat detection and response activities as we help you transition away from legacy technology and migrate to next-generation solutions such as cloud-native security analytics and Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

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Relieve the pressure on your team while maintaining control 

Re-focus your internal teams on higher impact activities, with the peace of mind that our expert team is carrying out your day-to-day monitoring and triage of security alerts while proactively hunting and responding to validated threats.

Our CDC platform provides complete transparency into all activities being carried out by our analysts. This includes clear KPI reporting and threat coverage of all alerts and incidents, as well as a ChatOps channel that lets you communicate with our team in real time.

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Transitioning to a next-generation SOC

Learn how we helped a financial services enterprise transition from legacy, on-prem. to cloud-native, advanced SOC cyber defense architecture.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between EDR and SIEM?

EDR and SIEM are designed to meet different security goals and purposes. A next-generation SIEM aggregates data across an enterprise’s IT estate from multiple sources, including users, network, endpoint, applications, servers, and more. EDR has a different set of capabilities. It is designed to offer continuous detection and response at the endpoint against malware and threats, provide anti-ransomware capabilities, and detect file-less and “living off the land” (LotL) attacks.

Do you provide platform management as part of your MDR service?

Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service delivers security monitoring, threat detection, hunting, and response as carried out by our SOC teams. This service can be used by leveraging the SIEM, EDR, and XDR technology. But if you need additional help with implementing and managing your security platform and tools, then our Security Platform Management service can help you with that.

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