Reducing Risk Using Artificial And Human Intelligence

See how CyberProof proactively detects threats, effectively responds and continuously improves your cyber resilience.
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How Does It Work?

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Risk Score
Your Security Team
With ChatOps based collaboration, our security teams work together in real-time to improve workflow and resolve incidents faster.
CyberProof Security Experts & AI Bot
Our security operations team is enhanced by SeeMo, an intelligent virtual analyst who enriches event data, gathers external resources and automates responses.
Your Company’s Data and Security Systems
CyberProof natively integrates with your existing security systems and external data sources to enable continuous event monitoring, faster response time and improved cyber resilience.
Intelligence & Vulnerability Feeds
Stay updated with the latest cyber threats and trends customized for your specific industry. Our targeted threat intelligence feeds provide deep insights that allow for faster, smarter decisions.
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Smart Automation

Automate and orchestrate your security operations including alert enrichment, incident prioritization, and playbook-led responses.

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Proactive Detection

Take advantage of continuous scanning, breach and attack simulations, and red teaming to proactively identify and manage vulnerabilities.

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Rapid Response

Armed with artificial intelligence and seamless chatops communication, our security experts quickly remediate any risk that is detected.

Cyber Security That Fits You

Completely customized

From intelligence feeds to risk reduction plans, your entire experience with CyberProof is completely customized to your specific company profile.

From Detection to Remediation

CyberProof manages the monitoring, detection, response, and resolution of any cyber threat you may face, so your company can recover fast and stay safe.


SeeMo, our virtual security analyst, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate threat detection, analysis and response. With SeeMo, you easily and automatically enrich event data, query external data sources, and reduce false positives in order to accelerate incident response time.

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