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Bring in the Skills You’re Missing

Collaborate with the right skills at the right time

The Insource vs. Outsource Dilemma

The security skills gap continues to exist, coming at a time when resources are more stretched than ever and attackers are exploiting more vulnerabilities resulting from remote working. But security leaders are often faced with two, sometimes conflicting alternatives; making the necessary investments in staff and training – or handing control of cyber security to a managed security services provider (MSSP) that may work in a completely different way and have limited understanding of your business.


Adopting a hybrid engagement model to Access Specialized skills

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a one size fits all approach when sourcing security skills. What is clear is that you shouldn’t have to compromise on availability, expertise, or productivity. Instead, you need to be able to draw on advanced cyber defense capabilities on an ongoing basis without the investment overhead that usually goes with it.

That’s why we always recommend working in a hybrid engagement model that gives you access to the skills and capabilities of a managed security service provider (MSSP) that are hard to come by (such as endpoint detection & response, threat hunting, digital forensics, incident response, etc.) without losing control or visibility of day-to-day security operations.

Using automation to make your security operations center more efficient

The benefits of security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR) technology is clear; streamlining repetitive tasks, reducing operational costs and correlating disparate data points to enriching alerts with contextual information.

With the assistance of automation, we can re-focus the efforts of humans toward more creative tasks and enable them to make informed decisions faster. The challenge is making sure you’re automating in a smart way. If the data, tools and processes going in aren’t right, then you’ll just be automating bad practices.

At CyberProof, we’re enabling organizations to leverage the smart automation of our virtual analyst, SeeMo, as well as our nation-state level human analysts to reduce the time to respond and mitigate damage caused by an attack.

The problem isn’t the lack of skills, it’s how you harness them

Believe it or not, security skills and know-hows are available in the industry, but the time it takes to access and apply them to critical tasks is what eventually causes the damage.

To prevent this, security teams need to have a single interface to bring in the people, processes and technology in real-time from both internal and third party resources.

At CyberProof, we’re mastering the art of collaboration by using a single pane of glass interface we call the CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) platform. The CDC acts as that single cloud-based console to handle all of your cyber security needs. Organizations that use our CDC can augment existing resources with real-time collaboration tools (ChatOps), automated playbooks, receive enriched alerts, validated incidents and on-demand access to experienced analysts and security engineers that are an integral part of your team.

How we can help

MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE (MDR) – We provide you with a dedicated team that proactively detects and responds to validated incidents, leading to a continuous reduction in response time and associated exposure risk. Utilizing our platform’s ChatOps collaboration and SOAR technology, we expedite investigations and containment leveraging the collective expertise of the SOC analysts, threat intelligence experts, cyber security specialists and customer team members. This improves efficiency and ensures full transparency, leading to better decision making. This service includes:

  • Incident handling, threat investigation and response
  • Proactive intelligence & incident and event-driven threat hunting
  • Continuous review and optimization of customized threat detection rules and response playbooks
  • Proactive automated response and escalation
  • Targeted threat reconnaissance and CTI reports
  • Sandbox analysis of suspicious files
  • IOC validation and extraction

TAILORED THREAT INTELLIGENCE SERVICES – Our former Elite Intelligence Unit experts utilize threat methodologies, dedicated intelligence, and automated procedures to proactively identify, integrate, and correlate vulnerabilities, assess impact, and prevent critical incidents. The CyberProof Defense Center platform has an early warning system that provides pre-emptive alerts for imminent threats and translates this intelligence into security actions. Our services include:

  • Brand Protection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Data Leakage
  • Campaign Alerting
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

ADVANCED SOC SERVICES – We constantly look for new services and capabilities to enhance your SOC activities and improve your overall cyber security posture. We combine expert resources and specialized tools to assist with post-incident activities such as detailed investigations, root cause analysis, complex threat hunting, and eradication of threats. Advanced SOC services include:

  • Input on SOC monitoring strategy and architecture best practices
  • Advanced malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Malware assessment and IOC extraction
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence investigations and reconnaissance
  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response
  • Vulnerability intelligence, assessments and exploit validation

DevSecOps – Application security management detects security vulnerabilities on a continuous basis throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to produce secure, high-quality products. With CyberProof’s robust application security program, developers not only understand the threat landscape but equips them with the tools and security best practices to detect and remediate vulnerabilities early in the life cycle. This service includes:

  • Discovery assessment, identifying areas for improvement
  • Vulnerability management across the application development lifecycle
  • Staff augmentation to scale resources
  • Secure coding methodology, integrating secure coding controls
  • Security awareness training that supports best practices

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