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Patch Management Services

In the fast-paced world of modern workplaces, constantly evolving technology can render legacy security measures ineffective. It is crucial that organizations stay up to date with the latest security services to protect their IT systems. One key aspect of this is implementing a strong patch management strategy, which can reduce downtime and ensure long-term system stability and security.  

CyberProof offers a Patch Management Service that automates software updates, freeing up valuable time for IT teams. Studies have shown that automation can lead to a significant 40% reduction in time spent on patch management tasks, allowing teams to focus on important business projects. Our team of experts can develop and implement a tailored patch management plan to meet the specific needs and goals of any organization.  

  • Automated Patch Deployment Service
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Customizable Patch Management Service
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The threat to enterprises

Scaling patch management is a daunting task, with most enterprises maintaining multiple systems – each of which requires specific patches. Moreover, thorough testing of patches must be conducted prior to deployment to prevent any disturbance to business operations, but this can be challenging given the diverse software environments of typical enterprise organizations. Conflicts can arise between patches and existing systems, adding further complexity to the environment. 

 Prioritizing which patches need implementation and which can be postponed is a particularly complex process, especially when many patches are available. But some patches address critical security vulnerabilities and are more important, while others may offer minor, functional updates. Compliance requirements also play into this process, as many businesses are subject to strict regulations which require high levels of system security. Keeping systems updated and patched is essential to meet compliance standards, but it can be a resource-intensive process. 

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Our approach

CyberProof’s service offers more than just automation of patch deployment. We use intelligent prioritization based on vulnerability severity – and consider your specific business requirements – to ensure optimal system performance and security at all times. Our solution is all-encompassing, providing coverage for every operating system, application, and device. Whether it’s Windows, MacOS, Linux, or various third-party applications, we can support it. 

Our team stays up to date with the latest industry-specific regulations, and we are here to assist you in meeting standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and others – ensuring that you are always prepared for an audit. Moreover, our robust and user-friendly dashboards offer clear insights into your patching landscape, providing transparency for compliance verification and informed decision-making.

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Trusted by leading enterprises


Case Study: Increased server patching compliance to 82%

For a leading supplier of automobile parts in the US, CyberProof established patching-as-a-service to continuously scan for patching requirements across the infrastructure and end-user landscapes. We provided remediation and patching for both application and OSbased vulnerabilities. Our dedicated team successfully cleared the client’s existing backlogs for vulnerability patching.


Case study: Reduced 36K+ vulnerabilities by 89%

Over 36,000 vulnerabilities were identified in the existing environment of a large Financial Services group in the UK. Our team reduced the client’s vulnerabilities by 89% through patching, and improved patching compliance for servers from 30% to 95%. We created an automated patch calendar with a regular maintenance window, completely handling endpoint, infrastructure, and application patching.

Understanding the value

  • Elevated Productivity: With the elimination of patch management responsibilities, your IT team can concentrate on business growth initiatives that directly contribute to company success.  
  • Fortified Security: By taking a proactive approach, we promptly address potential vulnerabilities, which significantly reduces the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. The goal is to ensure the safety and security of all data.  
  • Regulatory Confidence: Ensure you’re always prepared for audits and steer clear of any financial or reputational harm that might result from non-compliance. 
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