Introducing Risk-Based Cyber Security

A whole new approach to cyber security that clarifies your risk and continuously reduces it over time.
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Risk Calculation

Know where you stand. CyberProof assesses your company’s risk posture based on Value at Risk so you see exactly what is at stake and what kind of cyber investment you need to make.

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Risk Plan Selection

CyberProof creates and implements a custom-built risk reduction plan based on your industry and unique customer profile. You can choose to customize even further by including specific risk events most urgent to your company. That way your investment is completely aligned with your security needs.


Continuous Risk Reduction

Even as new threats emerge, we make sure your risk stays in the right place. CyberProof uses automated playbooks, breach and attack simulations and threat intelligence feeds to proactively identify risks and reduce them. So your risk is under control, no matter what lies ahead.

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Your Risk, Finally at Your Fingertips

Getting a handle on risk is hard. But with a risk score, you have a tangible value indicating your company’s cyber posture. Intuitive dashboards help you constantly visualize your level of exposure as the cyber landscape shifts. With risk-based cybersecurity, you finally achieve full risk transparency.