It’s time to have a frank conversation about security

We all know that hackers use shock tactics to scare their victims. But so too are security vendors using fear, uncertainty, and doubt to showcase their solutions.

And frankly? That shouldn’t be the case.

It’s time to take a stand

At CyberProof, we’re calling on the industry to start having more “frank” – more open, honest, and transparent – conversations about the state of cybersecurity, and of current and future security solutions.

So if you’ve got something on your mind – whether that’s threat hunting, MDR, vulnerability management, or anything else – we invite you to have a frank conversation with one of our experts, working in the exact specialty you want to discuss.

About CyberProof

As a Managed Detection & Response provider, we support enterprises by helping them secure their people, their data, and their systems as they migrate over to cloud-native environments.

Using combination of virtual analysts, expert human analysts, and automations, we support, extend, and continually optimize your security operations while collaborating with your team and critical stakeholders in real-time.

No pitches. No buzzwords. And absolutely no pressure.

All our expert team wants to do is to talk about what’s really important – just like you do.

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