Case Study - Energy

Security services for a multinational energy company

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About the client

The client is a multinational energy company engaged in producing natural gas liquids and petrochemicals. The company has operations in multiple locations around the world.

Colonial Pipeline in 2021 and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict escalated the client’s concern about their cybersecurity and risk posture. They wanted to ensure that they had the necessary safeguards in place to protect their organization.

The client's challenge

The client’s goal was to improve the resilience in their security architecture to respond to potential cyber-attacks and mitigate them. In addition, they experienced security staff attrition and were worried about having the necessary expertise in-house to effectively monitor their environment and respond to any security incident.

The client looked for a managed cybersecurity partner to help them make the shift to a cloud-native security stack using Microsoft Sentinel and Defender and provide support with advanced Managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR) cybersecurity services.


  • Managed XDR services that reduce the risk of cyber threats, despite the current uptick in cyber incidents worldwide
  • 24/7 security monitoring, proactive threat intelligence, and threat hunting
  • Operational Technology (OT) monitoring
  • Migration to Microsoft’s cloud-native security architecture
Penetration testing expert meeting

Our solution

CyberProof’s team provided the client with an end-to-end security platform and service that leverages Microsoft Sentinel SIEM and Microsoft Defender to replace on-prem. legacy systems.

CyberProof is running a transformation project to migrate to a Microsoft cloud-native platform. CyberProof will manage and operate a complete set of next-generation security services monitoring IT and critical OT technology sources.

Architecture diagram

Further Information

The full set of security services includes Managed XDR, threat intelligence, threat hunting, managed EDR, vulnerability management and other advanced security services.

The client chose CyberProof because of its previous experience having transformed the largest, most complex Azure Sentinel deployment to date, and the direct reference from that client. The deal took less than one month to close partially due to the Russia-Ukrainian conflict, which rapidly elevated the risk profile of the energy industry in general. A highlight of this project was the collaboration between the CyberProof and Microsoft Azure teams, which was key to meeting all the client’s requirements.

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