MSSPs – Forrester Report Evaluates 10 Top Vendors

Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, just released their report, The Forrester WaveTM: MSSPs Q3 2018

Emerging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) Q3 2018 Report, outlining the top emerging MSSP vendors in the market. 

If you're interested in reading the full report, visit our website to download a complimentary copy. 

Anyone in the security industry should take the time to review the report, which provides an overview of what services are being offered by top contenders in the emerging MSSP market and compares their capabilities.  

The report underscores the growing role being played by emerging MSSPs who are offering better business value and at lower prices than their larger, more traditional counterparts – and clarifies the most valuable capabilities of the best vendors. 

Let’s have a look at how the emerging MSSP market is changing the way today’s CISOs and CEOs approach the challenges of protecting their organizations and reducing the risk of cyber security threats. 

New Kids on the Block 

Compared to the old generation of MSSPs, the next gen. players are increasingly perceived by threat intelligence leaders as strategic partners who are able to provide advice on critical cyber security strategies – in addition to assisting in the management of day-to-day operations. 

Emerging MSSPs tend to be more enthusiastic, and with more responsive technologies. And because they have a smaller market share, they can be more attentive to the specific needs of every customer.  

For these reasons, emerging MSSPs are attracting a growing number of customers  as businesses, governments, and organizations who understand the importance of cyber security realize they don’t have the resources to manage cyber risks on their own. Increasingly, they are turning to emerging MSSPs to get the help they need.  

Improving Security by Reducing Risk 

Forrester’s research indicates that many customers picked an emerging MSSP specifically because of the lower cost compared with traditional, more established players.  To pick the right security partner and get the most value from their emerging MSSP, security leaders should give preference to providers that keep up with the fundamentals: 

  1. Strengthening customers’ security maturity – Today’s security leaders are looking for security maturity and 24/7 coverage. The best vendors work alongside clients as an extension of their security team, strengthening their customers’ security maturity. 
  2. Leveraging machine learning, automation, and an improved user interface – Emerging MSSPs that utilize the capabilities of ML and AI, and who offer an improved, customizable UI, are particularly well positioned to stand out above the competition. 
  3. Putting cyber risk at the forefront – By taking a risk-based approach to security and working with multiple teams within a customer’s organization, vendors can create a meaningful cyber security strategy that directly relates to business risk – and supports a cyber risk strategy that speaks to a customer’s Board. 

Report Highlights 

In their 24-criterion evaluation of the emerging MSSP market, Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored the ten most significant managed security service providers and explained how each one measures up. 

Forrester gave CyberProof the highest possible scores in the analysis and priority: network/endpoint, analysis and priority: applications/ hunting, and AI, ML & automation criteria.  

In addition, in the cyber security strategy category, CyberProof received the highest possible scores in the talent management and go-to-market approach criteria. 

In its vendor profile, the report gives CyberProof the rank of a Forrester Wave Leader, citing the following reasons: 

  1. CyberProof’s AI bot, SeeMo  SeeMo supplements threat intelligence analysts by automating investigation workflows, gathering evidence, and providing them guidance on what to look for next 
  2. Clients cite the customizability of CyberProofs threat intelligence platform and forward-thinking approach to technology as top benefits.  
  3. Service delivery – CyberProof delivers services via public cloud or on-premises tools. 

Bottom Line  Emerging MSSPs Give You More 

Forrester underscores the common traits and growing significance of emerging MSSPs as a whole, and the increasing role they are expected to play in the coming years. 

We think the report is a clear indicator that emerging MSSPs are shaking up the cyber security industry by providing security leaders with real value. 

In fact, we believe it provides independent industry validation of something the CyberProof team has felt for years: the importance of taking a risk-based approach to managed security services – providing a clear measure for cyber risk together with a clear understanding of investment, both of which speak directly to CISOs, CEOs, and the board. 

If you're interested in reading the full report, visit our website to download a complimentary copy. 

We’re excited to share that CyberProof was recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave, receiving the highest rating in the Current Offering category – with a score of 4.29 out of 5.00.