CyberProof Joins Microsoft Security Association

CyberProof and Microsoft customers are now able to benefit from next-generation cloud-based managed security services to run a smarter and more cost-efficient SOC. This comes at a crucial time for security teams who have been forced to expedite their cloud migration plans and require more robust and cloud-native security monitoring, detection and response capabilities.

What is the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)?

The Association began as an ecosystem of independent software vendors that integrated their cyber security products with Microsoft's to better defend against a world of increasing threats. 

Due to increased demand for a closely interwoven security ecosystem, the association is growing, and is launching an invitation-only pilot program in July 2020 for select managed security service providers (MSSPs). By including MSSPs in MISA Microsoft hopes to further enable collaboration between leading security technology companies – so that together, Microsoft and MISA members can deliver better protection to joint customers. 

What Does This Mean for Customers?

CyberProof has now become a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Microsoft customers will now be able to access CyberProof’s services through the Azure Marketplace and take advantage of our cloud-native, next-generation managed security services to broaden their visibility of threats and accelerate response.

I am pleased to welcome CyberProof to the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). By including our strategic MSSPs in MISA, we hope to further enable collaboration between leading security technology companies, so together we can better secure and protect our joint customers,” said Mandana Javaheri, Global Director of Cyber Security Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp. “MISA members are the cyber security industry leaders, unified by the common goal of helping secure our customers by offering their own valuable expertise and making the association more effective as it expands.”

This initiative follows the announcement in February between the companies, in which Microsoft’s cloud-based SIEM and threat intelligence solutions, Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph, were pre-integrated with CyberProof’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform, the CyberProof Defense Center (CDC), and Tailored Threat Intelligence services. 

This integration enables CyberProof customers to benefit from Microsoft’s security information and event management (SIEM) solution to correlate and analyze massive volumes of data with limitless cloud speed and scale. 

This Comes at a Crucial Time for a Remote Workforce

With the pandemic forcing organizations to operate a more remote IT architecture for a distributed workforce, cloud infrastructures are now requiring more flexible, scalable and native security; as organizations seek to move their workloads into the cloud, their critical assets are becoming more exposed to cyber threats. This has brought about the need for a smarter, cloud-based approach to security operations that is able to scale at the speed of digital transformation.

By integrating a cloud-based approach to security operations that leverages SOAR-powered managed security services and cloud-native security capabilities, security teams can leverage their existing investments in security and cloud applications to:

  • Seamlessly collate and analyze data from the cloud without investing in point solutions
  • Enrich alerts as they emerge with infrastructure, vulnerability and threat intelligence
  • Reduce the human effort of managing cases, validating alerts and escalating to response teams by automating the process
  • Significantly reduce the mean time to detect and mean time to respond Scale security operations capabilities while lowering costs

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