Advisory Services

Our security services combine advanced SOC automation technologies with domain experts to manage your security requirements with full visibility and transparency.

Advisory Services



Cyber Security Strategy

We help you develop a resilient, agile and secure approach to cyber security that aligns with the overall strategy of your organization by building roadmaps and models that increases cyber maturity.

Cyber Risk Management

Partnering with us as a trusted advisory allows risk decisions to be well-informed and made in the proper context of business strategy. Risk management helps drive informed decisions relating to resource allocation, accountability and mitigation efforts to prevent incidents and minimize the impact to the organization.

Third-party Risk Assurance

We provide due diligence for your organization when assessing third-party partners. Minimizing exposure of risk is a critical component of any mature security program.
Building relationships ensures risk is reduced – a key to expansion, growth and sustainability.

Data Privacy and Compliance

We provide clarity and a structured approach to assist with integrating a more mature privacy program, which focuses on risk-based outcomes. A clearly defined action-based approach is vital when dealing with privacy and compliance. Unknown risk tolerance, lagging maturity and lack of organizational buy-in lead to position of weakness relating to privacy and compliance.



Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Our team provides an innovative approach to vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. With highly skilled staff and a detailed process, we identify areas of improvement with actionable steps to mitigate identified risks.

Red Team Simulations

By assuming an adversarial role or point of view, our team provides actionable insight into attack methods that will determine the effectiveness of your blue team or cyber security experts. Emulation of nefarious behavior is an approach that far exceeds the typical box of penetration testing.

Security Controls Assessment

We evaluate identified security controls within an organization. Spanning technical, operational and security-based controls, proper implementation is tested to ensure alignment with organizational and compliance needs.

Security Maturity Assessment

Our Security Maturity Assessment is a gap analysis and baseline exercise that documents your “as-is” state and compares it against your desired future state. A maturity plan is then established to further mature your security program. Understanding where your security
strategy resides helps determine areas of focus and how to properly align efforts.



Secure SDLC Consulting

We partner with software vendors to create a service that cuts costs, time and improves the ability to detect and remediate vulnerabilities. Our goal is to assess the process, people and technology currently in place and provide tangible recommendations.

Secure Cloud Advisory

CyberProof helps you plan your cloud migration or optimize your existing cloud environment.
We provide assessment services around your cloud portfolio as well as mapping your existing environment. We compare your environment against best practices and suggest remediation steps to further harden your assets.



Security Analysts

Our security analysts can assist with network planning to avoid unauthorized access, develop reports to share and recommend changes to policies and/or systems as well as ensure all software and hardware systems are up to date. Our staffing model allows
for placed individuals within your organization, remote workers or assistance for a
period of time.

SIEM Specialists

Our SIEM specialists engage with your security team to provide in-depth, hands-on operational support. Our specialist can collaborate in a co-managed or fully managed SIEM deployment that aligned with your data retention and disposal policies.

Virtual CISO and DPO

Our vCISO services are designed to augment security teams by bringing technical knowledge, compliance and governance expertise to your organization. The result is a security program with a direct focus on confidentiality, integrity and availability while mitigating risks.

In addition, we can provide a vDPO with the required expertise to assist your organization with data mapping, impact assessments and GDPR readiness.


devsecops icon DevSecOps

Application security management that detects security vulnerabilities on a continuous delivery throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to produce secure, high- quality products.

According to industry benchmarks, fixing a vulnerability found during the deployment phase could cost 6x more than it would have cost to fix during the coding phase. Furthermore, fixing vulnerabilities identified during the testing phase could cost upwards of 15x more. This challenge prompted the establishment of a developer-led approach – according to which the earlier problems are identified, the quicker and more cheaply they can be fixed.

With CyberProof’s robust security program, developers not only understand the threat landscape – CyberProof equips them with the tools and security best practices to detect and remediate vulnerabilities early in the life cycle.






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