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Visibility into What Matters

Getting visibility into the threats and vulnerabilities that matter to your business

How do you know which threats, vulnerabilities and environments you should be monitoring?

Threat exposure is being distributed across various legacy and emerging environments, such as physical servers, hosts, serverless, remote working, OT/IoT networks, and hybrid environments, making it harder to monitor activity.

The sheer volume of data and borders this creates makes it increasingly difficult to monitor for threats and vulnerabilities that will impact your business the most.


Prioritizing Your Time, Effort and Resources Based on Validated Insight

It’s important for CISOs and Security Managers  to get a clear view of their security posture if they haven’t already done so by mapping out your attack surface and identifying your high-risk vulnerabilities.

To monitor this on a continuous basis, you ideally need to be pulling and correlating both external threat data and internal infrastructure data into an integrated single pane of glass view (i.e. ‘outside-in view’ from clear, deep and dark web sources and ‘inside-out view’ from vulnerability data, asset information and cloud activity).

Automation and Orchestration Dramatically Improves Visibility

Automation and Orchestration Dramatically Improves Visibility

Each organization will be at a different stage of their SOC maturity their and may need to focus more on enriching existing coverage from one side or the other.

Using an Open API architecture and cloud-native monitoring capabilities in the form of a single platform will help massively to bring together disparate data and tools into a single pane of glass view.

Taking advantage of native orchestration and automation will continuously enrich alerts as they are generated and enable remediation teams to respond only to validated incidents.

How we can help

Security Event Monitoring and Response – Provide 24×7 continuous security event monitoring, alert triage, enrichment, threat orchestration, process automation and collaborative incident response as well as advice on issue resolution across the entire security operations environment.

Vulnerability Management Services – A threat-centric approach to managing vulnerability risks to uncover weaknesses in your applications, network, endpoints and cloud environments that are most likely to be exploited by attackers:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Simulation
  • Vulnerability Remediation

Tailored Threat Intelligence Services – Our experts utilize threat methodologies, dedicated intelligence, and automated procedures to proactively identify, integrate, and correlate vulnerabilities, assess impact, and prevent critical incidents. The CyberProof Defence Center platform has an early warning system that provides pre-emptive alerts for imminent threats and translates this intelligence into security actions. Our services include:

  • Brand protection
  • Fraud prevention
  • Data Leakage
  • Campaign alerting
  • Vulnerability intelligence

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response – We provide a continuous and fully managed endpoint detection & response service delivered through our cloud-based EDR solution. Our cyber experts design, deploy, and operate the EDR capability to prevent, detect, and proactively respond to threats in the endpoint environment.

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