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Operational IT Governance and OIM manager

Location: UK

About the Position

The Operational IT Governance & OIM manager will support the process of end-to-end security through governance of operational IT security services in line with customer requirements, and effectively managing issues identified with these services

What You Will be Doing

  • Assisting in the establishment and maintenance of governance of operational IT security services, according to the requirements of Cyber Security
  • Conducting effective policing of operational IT security services to enable timely and accurate identification of issues related to their SOPs and SLAs
  • Regularly and thoroughly analysing SOPs and SLAs of operational IT security services against Cyber Security policies, standards and controls
  • Acting as a point of contact for the reporting of identified issues in operational IT security services
  • Analysing identified issues in depth in order to accurately complete issues reports, augmenting them with a sufficient level of insight and business intelligence for informed decisions to be made, and addressing them with appropriate and effective remediation plans
  • Enabling timely and effective issue remediation by actively monitoring open issues, engaging with asset owners and escalating any failures to remediate within given time frames
  • Actively monitoring and analysing issues over a period of time to identify patterns or aggregations that could indicate a risk, and reporting these risks to Cyber Security Risk Management where appropriate on a periodic basis
  • Advocating the end-to-end security process, with a view to enhancing overall security posture.


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