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Threat Intelligence Analyst

Israel, IT and Security


CyberProof is a cybersecurity service and platform company whose mission is to help its customers react faster and smarter – and stay ahead of security threats, by creating secure digital ecosystems. CyberProof automates processes to detect and prioritize threats early and respond rapidly and decisively.

The Threat Intelligence Analyst will be part of our growing SOC group, which handles technical research and Intelligence analysis in various aspects of the cybersecurity field.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Technical research – Collecting and analyzing information about cyberattacks and vectors, attack groups, new vulnerabilities and exploits, and new campaigns and trends – and the activities and people behind them;
  • Intelligence analysis – Making predictions about threat trends and their future development based on current data and events.
  • Creation of threat intelligence reports that communicate the results of the analysis – e.g., sharing information with decision-makers, security officials, senior corporate officials, etc.


Technical skills:

  • At least 4 years of previous work experience in the cybersecurity field
  • CTI background – a must
  • Experience conducting research in the areas of WEBINT, OSINT, social media platforms, and virtual HUMINT
  • Experience in gathering dark web intelligence
  • Experience with data analytics tools
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience from intelligence units (8200, etc.) – an advantage
  • High level of English – a must
  • High-level proficiency in Russian – an advantage
  • Experience with Python – an advantage

Personal skills:

  • Ability to work under pressure and overcome problems in order to reach your goal
  • Ability to be responsive and deal with emergencies and urgent incidents
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other team members and other teams

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Cyberproof has great people, great ideas and is always willing to provide support! Special thanks and ‘kudos’ to my manager who has provided excellent support in my journey so far…looking forward to more…!

– Karthik Viswanathan, Head of Advisory Consulting and Engineering